Standards of Learning (SOL) Testing

Across Virginia, students will be taking Standards of Learning (SOL) tests this spring. Federal and state education departments have decided not to cancel this year’s assessments. In Fairfax County Public Schools, testing for grades 3-8 will be scheduled between April 26, 2021 and June 4, 2021. All SOL tests must be taken in-person at school. SOL tests are not available for remote delivery from home. 

When are the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests?

Calendar of Testing


What are the health & safety measures?

  • Health and safety protocols are in place to ensure students participating in assessments are protected from risk of COVID-19 virus transmission.  

How do I refuse a test? 

  • If you do not wish for your student to take SOL tests at school this spring, you have the right to refuse testing. The Right to Refuse Assessments webpage( offers information and considerations as you make this decision. 
  • As we prepare for spring assessments, we need to collect information about your intentions for spring SOL tests.  Please complete the online Google intent form: