Food & Drink at Mount Eagle

If your child has a food allergy, please make sure it is noted on their Health Information form. 


All students who arrive on-time will have breakfast available. Grab & Go bags will be available at two hallway stations during arrival.

School Lunch:

  • Students will have 30 minutes to eat lunch.
  • All students begin at the salad bar. Students can elect to choose the protein option at the bar to create a full lunch meal.
  • Because of space limitations, families and guests may not join students for lunch.
  • Families can view the menus by scrolling down the list of schools and selecting "Mount Eagle."
  • If your child has a specific medical/dietary need, please contact our Kitchen Manager, Ms. Akua Owusua, at 703-721-2100. You may also reach FCPS Food & Nutrition Services staff here:

Packed Lunch:

  • Students may choose to bring their own lunch.
  • Label all lunchboxes with your child’s name.
  • Please send food that is easy to open. There is NO microwave for reheating.
  • There are some items that are not permitted: Sodas, fast food, anything in a glass bottle.


Your child’s teacher will share whether or not they will have a snack and what the expectations are in addition to the same ones for lunch.


Teachers will set up one day at the end of each month to celebrate all birthdays for that month. This ensures that all students are celebrated. Parents will work together with the teacher to send in a treat for that one day. Do not send in a treat with your child unless you have received permission from the teacher.

  • No balloons, cakes, pizza or drinks are allowed. Instead, a simple, easy to eat treat such as a cookie, cupcake or even non-food item such as a special pencil are encouraged. 

Water bottles:

Students should have a water bottle with their name on it. We have a water filling station in our lobby and encourage students to fill their bottle throughout the day.  Bottles of juice, tea, etc., are not permitted in the classroom because they can create a mess. Juice is fine at lunch. Soda is not allowed.