Welcome to Mount Eagle! Meet our Administrative Team & Office Staff!

Mount Eagle is a school that is rich in history, diversity and talent. Situated in Alexandria, the school completed a renovation in 2010, equipping each classroom with the latest technology to support learning. We are focused on the 3 C’s: College-bound, Community and Collaboration.

Our goal is simple: to prepare each child for college. Mount Eagle’s rigorous academic program focuses on deep conceptual understanding in math and a balanced literacy approach to language arts where students are engaged in authentic reading and writing throughout the day. Students are expected to explain their thinking and develop multiple ways to solve a problem whether it’s how to stop erosion, make a journey across a desert or how to draw a reader into a story. They come to school excited and ready to learn.

At Mount Eagle, we believe that students learn best when they are part of a community and feel safe to take risks. Teachers begin the day with a Morning Meeting, which is a time for students to connect with one another, share, have fun and prepare for the academic tasks of the day. We respond to misbehavior with logical consequences and work together with families to meet the developmental needs of each child. In August, before school begins, our teachers make a visit to each child’s home during our “Welcome Walk.” Mount Eagle is a place where parents and community volunteers are an integral part of our school community. Whether working with our PTO, the Coast Guard or volunteers from our neighboring church tutoring program, we all work to meet the needs of Mount Eagle students.

Collaboration is the key to our success at Mount Eagle. We are a true professional learning community in which our team of talented teachers work closely with one another to plan engaging lessons, create common assessments, analyze data and develop follow-up instructional plans when students aren’t learning. We use our additional Title I funding to hire math and reading specialists who, in turn, provide coaching for teachers, support for students and professional learning opportunities for all staff. Whether you are a student, parent, staff member or community member, we welcome the opportunity to work together to ensure a positive learning experience for all.

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