Mount Eagle is a special place to work!

Mount Eagle offers

  • widely diverse community of families and students.
  • Extensive instructional resources and manageable class sizes to enhance student learning.
  • Dedicated to collaborative planning time for teams, ongoing professional development, and the latest educational research and learning theories in classrooms. 
  • An involved and supportive administration that allows staff to take risks. 
  • Convenient location; walking distance from Huntington Metro, 5 minute drive from Old Town, and 10 minute drive from the GW Parkway and the Mount Vernon Trail


Mount Eagle community members are learners who live the following core values:


students learningLearn More Together

Our work is improved by considering multiple perspectives and by collaborating to meet shared goals.


studentsNurture Relationships

We are intentional about making connections, building trust, caring for each other, and honoring open communication.


student observing Foster Perseverance

Learning is a continuous cycle of problem solving, questioning, embracing the challenge, reflection, and sharing. 


studentsBe Thoughtful

We are at our best when we interact and empathize with one another.


students playingEmbrace the Whole Child

The social-emotional needs are as important as the academic needs of each student.


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